Route 66 - 2 Germans on Mother Road

"Rock of Ages", a 10 Egg Omelet, Mojave Desert, a town sold in eBay, a Volcano

After a day on the strip in Las Vegas at a record 47 degrees last night we visited the "Rock of Ages" show at the Venetian Casino. A Musical, featuring the great times of Rock Music, or as they put it themselfes: "It puts you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and supporting even bigger hair." Really cool ! We had a great time remembering our own experience with music from Whitesnake, Foreigner, Asia etc. Of course we could not leave Las Vegas without having at least one breakfast at the legendary "Peppermill", so we went there this morning and ordered one of their famous 10-Egg-Omelettes. Remembering our visit from 2 or 3 years ago, this time we ordered just one of these monsters for the two of us (Yeah, we got Learning Ahility !). What can I say - we didn't even manage it together....Always a show to see the Cocktail waitress in her evening gown serving Cocktails at 9 o'clock in the morning. That's Las Vegas ! Our plan for today was to cross the Mojave Desert from Nevada to California on one of the most scenic routes via Amboy and Ludlow to Barstow. The drive through the ever changing landscape of the desert was simply fantastic. Especially the completely deserted little road though the Joshua Tree area was very picturesque (see pics on Flickr). About the little town of Amboy two little stories are worth mentioning. 1. the whole town of Amboy was for Sale on eBay a few years ago. They did not sell it in the first round but in the end a Fast-Food-Millionaire purchased the town. We have no idea whatsoever what he wants to do with it now... 2. Close to Amboy is a reletively small but well preserved volcano. A few years ago the volcano started to smoke heavily, the town was being prepared for evacuation and Geologists from LA where quickly flown in to investigate what was going on. It turned out that a few kids from Amboy as a joke had started a huge fire in the volcano that produced all the smoke.... Our latest Business Idea is to open a Visitor Center at the Amboy Volcano just like the one at Meteor Crater... Later today we found a small family-owned Motel in Barstow and decided to stay here for the night. Tomorrow, we will go on and drive the final part of the original Route 66 via the Angels Crest Highway to Santa Monica. Stay tuned for this last stint.... Quote of the day: "Die Wüste erfüllt die Herzen der Menschen mit Visionen" Paulo Coelho

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