Route 66 - 2 Germans on Mother Road

Triple Premiere, a Meteor Crater in the Desert, wild roedeer & the best Burger ever !

Today was the day of a triple premiere ! You won't believe it: #1: at this mornings "Continental" Breakfast, the hotel surprised us with non-disposable plates, mugs and knife & fork made out of real metal ! We where so surprised not to find the standard plastic plates, styrofom Cups and plastic knifes that we could barely eat our breakfast. It was so civilized - an almost forgotten tradition. Wonderful ! #2: Today, I did something that I had never done before - I gave our Rental Car a Car Wash. Can you believe it ? The Explorer looked so pitiful after a few thousand kilometers of abuse by two German drivers that I just had to do it. #3: As we where running out of clothes after almost two weeks on the road, Karin and I did some laundry in the hotel in Flagstaff. We threw a few coins into the machine and washed our clothes. In the hotel. During our holiday. I hope you will agree - all three premiers needed to be mentioned here! Down the road through Arizonas beautiful desert, another really exciting highlight of our trip was waiting for us. Near the city of Winslow we visited a huge Meteor Crater carved into the once-flat rocky plain. The Meteor, according to latest therory had a size of about 40 Meters and crashed into Earth with a speed of about 26.000 Miles per hour (as a reference: New York - Los Angeles in about 5 Minutes), about 50.000 years ago. The crater is about 1 Kilometer in diameter and in perfect shape. It is actually the best preserved Meteor Crater worldwide, with very low erosion since the impact. A really impressive site. We both had never seen something like this before. On our way back to the Highway we suddenly discovered a little herd of Roedeer very close to the road and I was able to take a few nice shots (see our Flickr link). Amazing to see this kind of animal here in the desert. We moved on to Flagstaff, which turned out to be a very nice city with an almost European Downtown atmosphere. We took the opportunity to WALK around and enjoyed the street life. In the historic part we found an interesting looking small Restaurant with a huge crowd waiting to get in. We decided this was the right place and waited with the othes in line. We ordered highly creative Burgers (no joke, they really had creative ideas) and found them to be by far the best Burgers we had in years ! Absolutely delicious. We need to think about maybe skipping tomorrosw Continental breakfast and......Well, stay tuned !

22.6.15 03:18

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