Route 66 - 2 Germans on Mother Road

Street Racing, Petroglyphs, National Parks, a Petrified Forest, a Steak with Doc Holiday..

After a turbulent night with some illegal Street Racing around our hotel downtown Albuquerque (seems to be home of the American Horesepower Association...and I only had a Rental Car in the parking lot...😂 ) we started the day with a short trip to the Historic District of the city. A small ensemble of nicely restored buildings, now mostly transformed into restaurants and shops and the San Felipe De Neri Chapel from 17-something. Everything was still closed so we moved on. As a small boy I always dreamed of becoming an archeologist, so of course we had to visit the Petroglyph National Monument, showing hundreds of ancient pictures itched into the rocks in the mountains close to Albuquerque. Really impressive, although the many signs warning that the rocks are home to the largest species of Rattle Snakes takes away part of ones focus on these fantastic and impressive pieces of art or communication or religious symbols (meaning not 100% clear). After this cultural highlight we drove on towards our next state, Arizona. On the way we drove though the small town Grants that used to be the center of Uranium mining in the US. Next stop was Malpais National Monument (never really understand why they call these sites "Monuments" and not "Parks"...). Very impressive landscape with a bottom of solidified vulcano lava surrounded by spectacular mountains. Really cool Vista Points on the way where we took a few great pictures. Further down the road the next State Park (this one actually called a "Park") waited for us, the Red Rock State Park. Bizarre mountains of a deep red colour and massively smoothened by ice age glaciers. Shortly after entering Arizona we visited the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park. Another absolute highlight of today. In the park during short hikes, you see an absolute unique landscape where the erosion of thousands of years has brought a petrified wood to the surface. Absolutely stunning. The logs are between 200 and 250 Million years old and had been petrified after being covered by mud and volcano ashes containing a high percentage of minerals. The minerals penetrated the wood and over time petrified whole trees. We both had seen petrified wood before but never in this magnitude and size of logs. Really an amazing site. We decided to spend the night in Holbrook, Arizona and found a quite special steakhouse that was completely decorated with historical pictures and documents about outlaws and lawmen from the times of the wild west....a great finale ! Stay tuned....

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